Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Stock Market Crash...one of the MAJOR pre-conditions

I noticed that many people have read my earlier post "A Stock Market Crash is not coming, yet...".

Let me expand on that thought and explain a little bit more.

I have said earlier that markets are rigged!!!

Nothing seems to be able to bring the markets down!!!

Brussels: Islamic State launches attacks on airport and station - markets go UP!

Paris Terror Attacks - markets go UP!

Terrorism in Germany: Past terror attacks and plots - markets go UP!

Two powerful quakes hit Italy near site of deadly August quake - markets go UP!

BREXIT - markets go UP!

Donald Trump won - market go UP!

It certainly feels like "good news is good news, and, bad news is even better news"!!! Markets will just not take NO for an answer.

I am sure you can think of many more events that should have brought down the markets but have, instead, propelled the markets higher...even setting new record highs!!!

The US and European markets are currently trading at or near record highs.

I think Tokyo and Hongkong are not doing too badly either.

But, do you feel bullish?

I don't.

I am sure many people are holding on to stocks that are currently trading near historical lows. Just to give you an example, take a look at Noble,

So, what does it take to cause a Stock Market Crash?

I don't believe a Stock Market Crash can just occur NATURALLY.

A Stock Market Crash is ENGINEERED (or PLANNED)!!!

There are many triggers that could lead to a Stock Market Crash, but, in my view, one of the MAJOR pre-conditions before a Stock Market Crash can occur is,


In recent memory, both Alan Greensapn and Ben Bernanke raised rates before a Stock Market Crash occurred.

The Fed has already "planned" to raise rates higher in 2017. And, that's why I said "it will take time to set it (a Stock Market Crash) up".