Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Real Reason For The Fed Hikes (And The Only Things That Will Stop Them)

The Reverse Tepper Moment Looms

...Seven years ago when Tepper made his bold call, the Fed was trying their best to get stocks higher. At that point, no one believed, and it took guts to ride along in the Fed’s wagon. Today, the Fed is trying to keep financial conditions from becoming too easy, and once again no one believes.

As Marty Zweig famously said, “don’t fight the Fed.” Sometimes it’s that simple

QAF #44 - Rivalea Presentation for AgriFood Conference Day in Sydney, Australia

Hoosier's note: I suspect that this could be the first step towards the listing of Rivalea (or Hamsdale--the holding company of Rivalea) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Friday, June 09, 2017

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"Forget Terrorism": The Real Reason Behind The Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas

...As the years passed, Qatar grew to comprehend that Russia would not allow its pipeline to traverse Syria, and as a result it strategically pivoted in a pro-Russia direction, and as we showed yesterday, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund agreed last year to invest $2.7 billion in Russia’s state-run Rosneft Oil, even as Qatar is host of the largest US military base in the region, US Central Command. This particular pivot may have also added to fears that Qatar was becoming a far more active supporter of a Russia-Iran-Syria axis in the region, its recent financial and ideological support of Iran notwithstanding.

...Qatar gas wealth enabled it to develop foreign policies that came to irritate its neighbors. It backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and armed factions opposed by the UAE or Saudi Arabia in Libya and Syria. Gas also paid for a global television network, Al Jazeera, which at various times has embarrassed or angered most Middle Eastern governments.

And, above all, "gas prompted Qatar to promote a regional policy of engagement with Shiite Iran to secure the source of its wealth."