Friday, October 11, 2019

For The First Time Ever, Greece Issues Negative Yielding Debt

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

PREHL #166 - 投资超70亿元! 鹏瑞利国际健康商旅城-昆明南站项目动工

Friday, September 20, 2019

YTL Power International #39 - YTL Communications to expand Terragraph network

...YTL Power International Bhd’s 60%-owned YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (YES) is eyeing the deployment of its 5G-ready Terragraph network in more cities in Malaysia, following the success of its pilot project in George Town, Penang.

...“Using Terragraph, we are able to deliver broadband services to businesses and hotels in George Town, compared with the case in the past where they were suffering from the copper wire Streamyx service which only provided them 2Mbps to 4Mbps. Now they are getting more than 100Mbps,” said Wing.

YTL Power International #38 - Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30 Jun 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

YTL Power International #37 - MoE should have promoted 1BestariNet better

...The audit report stated that YTL Communications was not responsible for promoting the adoption and usage of the platform in the schools. 

The audit noted that YTL Communications was originally supposed to undertake the role of promoting Frog VLE adoption — called “change management” — together with the government under the original contract. 

However, the contract was varied to appoint a third-party contractor for the role. The audit report said a company with the registration number 486587-W was appointed to undertake the change management. A company search by The Edge Financial Daily for the registration number shows that the third-party contractor was Unicliq Sdn Bhd